Telephone Directory

Directorate/ District Name of Office Name of Officer Designation Contact No
Directorate Office of the Labour Commissioner, Meghalaya, Shillong Smt. H.D.B. Sangma, MCS Labour Commissioner 9436112792
Office of the Labour Commissioner, Meghalaya, Shillong Shri R.W.Wahlang Joint Labour Commissioner 9436335090
Office of the Labour Commissioner, Meghalaya, Shillong Smt Golda M.D.Pakyntein I/c Deputy Labour Commissioner, Hqr Deputy Labour Commissioner 9863060794
Office of the Labour Commissioner, Meghalaya, Shillong Shri Dean C. Challam Labour Inspector 9862121012
East Khasi Hills Dist:
Hqr : Shillong
District Labour Office
Smt Golda M.D.Pakyntein Deputy Labour Commissioner 9863060794
-Do- Shri .Lamshwa Kitbok Nongrum Labour Inspector 9863037795
Mylliem ,Block Labour Office Shri .Maitshaphrang Nongbet Labour Inspector 9774672079
Mawphlang, Block Labour Office Smti .Dakheinkor Lyngdoh Labour Inspector 9615683294
Mawsynram, Block Labour Office Shri Lenny C.F. Diengdoh Labour Inspector 9862293641
Shella Bholaganj, Block Labour Office Smti .Ibaphyrnai Darisa
Labour Inspector 9612464313
Pynursla , Block Labour Office Smti .Yasminda Lamin Labour Inspector 9615681623
Khatarshnong Laitkroh, Block Labour Office Shri .Medon Samlem Dkhar Labour Inspector 8794764453
Mawkynrew, Block Labour Office Shri .Khrawkupar Warbah Labour Inspector 9862471965
Mawryngkneng, Block Labour Office Smti .Ibadaniewkor Christina War Labour Inspector 8794391915
West Khasi Hills Dist:
Hqr : Nongstoin
District Labour Office,
Shri Philemon T Blah, Deputy Labour Commissioner 9863097927
-Do- Shri Dominick R. Rymbai Labour Inspector 8575348147
Mairang, Block Labour Office Shri .Bankitlang.L. Pyrbot Labour Inspector 9774013829/ 7005603261
Mawthadraishan, Block Labour Office Vacant Labour Inspector  
Nongstoin , Block Labour Office Shri .Manley Jonathan Kharbudon Labour Inspector 9863413623
Mawshynrut, BLO Shri .Jerimiah Ivancair Lyngdoh Labour Inspector 8974025465
South West Khasi Hills Dist
Hqr : Mawkyrwat
District Labour Office,
Smti Narisuk P. War Assisstant Labour Commissioner 9863020630
Mawkyrwat ,Block Labour Office Shri .Shankupar Skhem Kurbah Labour Inspector 8794890140
Ranikor , Block Labour Office Shri .Donald Star Pakyntein Labour Inspector 9774103607
Ri-Bhoi Dist:
Hqr: Nongpoh
District labour Office
Smti Bibiana D. Arengh Deputy Labour Commissioner 9436113934/
-do- Shri .Kyle Darren Marak Labour Inspector 8014425393
Umsning , Block Labour Office Smti Esha A. Sangma Labour Inspector 9863046168
Umling , , Block Labour Office Shri. Wanbor Khaonglah Labour Inspector 9856654886
Jirang , , Block Labour Office Shri .Donald Don MylliemUmlong Labour Inspector 9856709467
Nongpoh, Labour Welfare Centre Vacant Labour Inspector  
West Jaintia Hills Dist
Hqr : Jowai
District Labour Office, Jowai Smt. Monaleyn B. Nongrum
i/c Asstt Labour Commissioner
Assisstant Labour Commissioner 9612975277
-do- Smti .Bethcey Merry Toi Labour Inspector 9436381829/
Thadlaskein, Block Labour Office Shri .Badaplang Sohkhlet Labour Inspector 9863286756/ 7085951051
Laskein , , Block Labour Office Shri .Etiban Lapasam Labour Inspector 7005151051
Amlarem, Block Labour Office Shri Chandame Laloo Labour Inspector 7005680013
East Jaintia Hills Dist
Hqr : Khliehriat
Distruct Labour Office, Khliehriat Smti Monaleyn B. Nongrum Assisstant Labour Commissioner 9612975277
-do- Shri .Westerwell Phawa Labour Inspector 9862920983
Khliehriat , Block Labour Office Vacant Labour Inspector  
Saipung ,  Block Labour Office Shri Albertstar Kharumnuid Labour Inspector 9862856901
East Garo Hills Dist
Hqr : Williamnagar
District Labour Office Williamnagar, Smti Mirza Hann Marak Deputy Labour Commissioner 9402501931
-do- Smti .Jenny M. Sangma Labour Inspector 9615300358
Dambo Ronjeng , , Block Labour Office Shri .Henleybirth Mongsrang Sangma Labour Inspector 9436313674
Songsak , , Block Labour Office Shri .Sengsrang M. Sangma Labour Inspector 9089628701
Samanda, Block Labour Office Smti .Chingbe K. Marak Labour Inspector 7308144994
West Garo Hills Dist
Hqr : Tura
Joint Labour Commissioner, Tura Smti Mishila Thabah Joint Labour Commissioner 9863066359
-do- Smti .Silte Betsy M. Sangma Labour Inspector 8974947559
District Labour Office Tura, Smt. Olivia G. Momin Deputy Labour Commissioner 8787664323
-do- Smti .Jeuti Hajong Labour Inspector 9089635594/ 8731960677
, Block Labour Office Rongram , Shri Sengba Salnasan M. Sangma Labour Inspector 8132013253
Dadenggiri, BLO Shri .Andy Watre Momin Labour Inspector 7005940205
Selsella ,BLO Smti .Priya M. Marak Labour Inspector 9863097547/
Tikrikilla ,BLO Smti .Merolyn R. Marak Labour Inspector 7005170061
Gambegre, BLO Shri .Jaseng Ch Marak Labour Inspector 9612966360
Dalu, BLO Smti .Elinore Ginsan R. Marak Labour Inspector 8787616624
SouthWest Garo Hills Dist
Hqr : Ampati
District Labour Office, Ampati Smti Leni Bethrine Sangma Assisstant Labour Commissioner 9436315818
Betasing ,BLO Smti .Charlene Sangma Labour Inspector 8974240734
Zikzak, BLO - Shri .Dibya Jyoti Hajong Labour Inspector 9862514197/
North Garo Hills Dist
Hqr : Resubelpara
District Labour Office Resubelpara Smti Arty Jones Nongsiej Assisstant Labour Commissioner 9436953160
Resubelpara, Block Labour Office Shri .Bryan Tengsrang Ch Marak Labour Inspector 8132013700
Kharkutta,Block Labour Office Shri .Paul R. Marak Labour Inspector 8132006268
South Garo Hills Dist
Hqr : Baghmara
District Labour Office, Baghmara, Smti Olivia G. Momin
i/c Deputy Labour Commissioner
Deputy Labour Commissioner 8787664323
-do- Shri .Sengrik R. Marak Labour Inspector 9862631575
Baghmara, Block Labour Office Shri .Prabhakar M. Sangma Labour Inspector 8730067470
Gausapara, Block Labour Office Shri .Tenang Nangminza Sangma Labour Inspector 9856266927
Ronggara, Block Labour Office Shri .Chenang Ch. Marak Labour Inspector 8014321312
Chokpot, Block Labour Office Smti. Padma Hajong Labour Inspector 9774361574/ 7085913575